I grew up on a steady dose of 80's television shows, DOS 3.0, Windows 3.1, BBS, free Prodigy and AOL hours, flashlight tag, Alfred's Fantastic Familiar Folk Songs, Souza, Wagner, Mozart, the Cure, Depeche Mode, NIN, soccer in a football school, the only brown boy in the room of "smart kids," and a feeling that I could be and do more. Before coming to education, I spent 8 years teaching musicians and artists how to be creative with technology. As a teacher, I am most emotional when students have a chance to engage in their passions, especially as they are discovering them. I see them as colleagues as we learn and grow together. As an administrator, I see my work as two classrooms. One where I am the teacher, and the faculty and community are my students, as I facilitate their growth and development. In the second classroom, I am the student, learning from, while serving the needs of, the teachers and the larger community. My aim is to inspire both teachers and students to be curious, to love to learn, and to crave the growth learning brings. I am David M. The Learning Lab is where I share my professional work as an Educator in the 21st Century. Thanks for stopping by!
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